Things You Didn't Notice In The Blue Bloods Pilot Episode


At this point, it is hard to imagine Jamie Reagan was ever romantically involved with anyone other than partner-turned-fiancé Officer Eddie Jenko. However, if you rewatch the pilot episode today, you'll be shocked to remember that long before Jenko arrived on the scene, Jamie was engaged to the brainy brunette, Sydney Davenport.

Jamie’s Engagement

One of the most vital aspects of a TV series that viewers often overlook, when reminiscing about their favorite shows, is the importance of the sets. The family dinners have become an iconic part of the show, but in the pilot, the kitchen is smaller and has white cabinets, while throughout the rest of the series, the color scheme is different.

Old Kitchen

Nicky Reagan, now played by Sami Gayle, has become the face of the younger generation of Reagans. However, in the pilot episode, the character looked much different, as the first actress to play Nicky was Marlene Lawston.

Different Nicky

Len Cariou’s performance in the pilot as Henry Reagan was as strong as ever, though, the character was a bit different — namely, he walked with a cane. The reason for the cane is a hip replacement, but it goes away immediately afterward and is never spoken of again.

Henry’s Leg

Another pilot plot point is that Frank Reagan has a girlfriend, who betrays him by the end of the episode. When you apply this plot point to Frank’s closed-off nature regarding his personal life in the series, his behavior makes a lot more sense.

Frank’s Girlfriend