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Things That Happen In Every Saw Movie

No matter which "Saw" movie you're watching, you will hear these six words: "I want to play a game." Jigsaw's iconic catchphrase means the timer on his first game of torture will begin, and the victims must complete their gruesome objective in the allotted time, or risk a horrendously painful death.

Play A Game

"Saw" movies often use intricate storylines, making liberal use of flashbacks and saving the juiciest reveals for last. This allows the audience to get to know the characters trapped in Jigsaw's games, and reminds viewers of traps from earlier films that may return or evolve in later installments.


The famous jigsaw traps are the most obvious element that makes a "Saw" film feel like a "Saw" film. Usually, the film's victims will wake up in an isolated location, either caught in a horrific device like a bear trap, or unable to leave without harming themselves or others with instruments of torture.

Grisly Traps

At the start of their journeys, Jigsaw’s victims always howl, yell, and cry for someone to relieve them of their plight. Their guttural, desperate shrieking becomes as much a part of the film's soundscape as the movies' iconic musical scores and sickening sound effects.


Outside of Jigsaw's torture rooms, most "Saw" films dedicate some time to police-focused storylines. Whether it's a central thread or on the periphery, there will always be some kind of law enforcement officer on the hunt for Jigsaw, none of whom have proven successful at thwarting him.