Things Only Adults Notice During The Yule Ball In Harry Potter


Dress Code

Keen-eyed older viewers may notice the dress code is a bit lax for an event ruled by tradition and protocol. Everyone seems to be wearing whatever they please, except Ron Weasley, who is forced to wear strange, furry robes of historical and familial importance.


The Yule Ball scene is full of quirky objects and oddities seemingly placed as a reward for eagle-eyed viewers. Tables are adorned with elaborate ice sculptures, and a large punch bowl is filled with blue liquid, which could be a known healing potion from "Harry Potter" lore.

All Work

Older viewers who may have endured school-based musical ensembles will relate to the Hogwarts orchestra members looking quite bored playing staid, classical-type music. Who can blame them, seeing as how they're stuck working the event instead of enjoying it?

A Crush?

During the ball, Harry acknowledges for the first time, albeit subtly, that he may have a bit of a crush on Hermione. When she descends the staircase, Harry gets all moony-eyed and tongue-tied, which any adult knows are the tell-tale signs of a teenage heart going all aflutter.

Attitude Problems

Viewers with a bit more life experience will recognize Ron's lousy attitude at the ball is caused by romantic frustration. Older viewers will also appreciate the adult conversation that transpires between Hermione and Ron, masked by family friendly-innuendo.


Hogwarts booked the Weird Sisters for the ball, and older viewers may notice the fictional band is made up of real life rock stars. The lead singer and bassist are Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey of Pulp, while the guitarist and drummer are Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway.

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