These Moon Knight Characters Almost Had A Game-Changing Costume Swap


Disney+’s "Moon Knight" is a much different animal than your typical MCU entry. Before the release of the second episode, director Mohamed Diab pulled back the curtain and revealed that two key characters nearly swapped outfits — a move that could have totally changed the series as we know it.

Aside from the threat of Arthur Harrow and the foreboding presence of Khonshu, "Moon Knight" spends a lot of time on the conflict between Marc Spector and Steven Grant. They are two personalities stuck in the same body, and they each have unique superhero suits.

Marc Spector opts for the mysterious and ideal-for-combat Moon Knight suit, and Steven Grant goes for the more stylish — yet equally effective — Mr. Knight threads. However, Diab has revealed that the original costumes were reversed, before it was ultimately decided that Marc’s personality fit the Moon Knight suit, while Steven’s fit the Mr. Knight one.