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These Alternate
Designs For
Stranger Things
4's Vecna Are
In "Stranger Things," the residents of Hawkins are terrorized by the burned and beastly predator Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower). The Duffer Brothers drew from several classic horror films to build a monster out of gruesome prosthetics; however, some of the earlier designs for Vecna were no less horrifying.
A gory early draft of Vecna featured rotting skin that would drop off his body in patches. Other versions were even more Night King-esque than the finished product, with Vecna sporting spikes on his body.
The design team ended up steering the character in a more human direction because the initial design would've required more special effects, something the creators didn't want. The desire was to create a villain that could walk around on set, thus creating a more physically scary presence for the actors to react to.