There Are Only 13 Near-PerfecT Action TV Shows According To Metacritic


Samurai Jack

The fifth and final season finds Jack, the titular samurai prince, at his lowest point after 50 years of futile fighting against the shapeshifting demon Aku. While it starts off dark, Jack’s renewed inspiration to fight again is an emotionally fulfilling and action-packed conclusion to this animated series.

The Shield

The first season about corrupt cops was unprecedented in tone and anti-heroism. The pilot episode, in which Detective Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) kills a cop in cold blood, is considered one of the best ever produced.

The Hollow Crown

Adapted from Shakespeare’s “Henriad” tetralogy, the first cycle is filled with royal disputes, domestic rebellions, and threats of war from abroad. It is considered one of the best Shakespearean adaptations with its finely-crafted drama, action, dialogue, cinematography, and performances.

Game of Thrones

In Season 3 of the fantasy series, the Westeros factions are still amidst civil war for the coveted Iron Throne. This season is considered to be one of the most eventful and heartbreaking, especially because of the sequence known as “The Red Wedding,” where the Starks are initially welcomed by the Lannisters and then massacred.

Rescue Me

The backdrop of this series about New York firefighters is one of the most emotionally complex moments in U.S. history: the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Denis Leary’s Tommy Galvis faces all kinds of troubles in the tense third season, including a near-death in a fire and his wife’s affair with his brother.

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