There Are Actually Five Heroes That Iron Man Never Met In The MCU


After Hope Van Dyne comes through the portals in "Endgame,” she doesn't really interact with Iron Man. It's a bummer they didn't get a chance to meet, especially since their parents were coworkers.


It's actually pretty weird that they didn't meet each other in "Infinity War" as the two of them are kind of the ensemble film's two lead protagonists. The "new" time-traveling 2014 version of Gamora doesn't really get to meet Tony in "Endgame," either, but Tony and Gamora totally hooked up in the comics.


Tony missed out on the world of "Black Panther" entirely, so he never got to experience all of that advanced technology or Shuri's delightful personality. It would've been a real treat for fans to listen to the two swap science stories or perhaps she could've even shown him a more efficient way to make an Iron Man suit.


In a deleted scene from "Endgame," Iron Man is seen strategizing with Gamora, Wasp, Valkyrie, and Okoye (among others) that didn't make it into the film. Unfortunately, audiences never got to see Tony and Valkyrie, or any female character from Thor’s storylines for that matter, interact.


How the heck did Iron Man never meet Groot? Imagine the jokes Iron Man would have made if he really stopped to take notice of a sentient sapling fighting beside him.