The Zelda:
Breath Of The
Wild Cast Is
Gorgeous In
Real Life


Elizabeth Maxwell voices the imposing Gerudo champion, Urbosa, as well as Riju, the young queen of the Gerudo people. In addition to being an activist for the LGBTQ+ community, she has a long list of credits, including regular roles on popular animated shows like "Fruits Basket," "RWBY," and "Attack on Titan."


Patricia Summersett is the voice of Princess Zelda and she brings an adventurous edge to the iconic character. In real life Summersett is beautiful, has a charming smile, and the voice actress is also a musician who released her debut album in 2021.

Princess Zelda

Sean Chiplock voices the arrogant Revali and the grandfatherly Deku Tree in "Breath of the Wild," providing drastically different performances for each. He has also voiced a variety of familiar characters, including Riehlvelt in "Hunter x Hunter," Dante Mogro in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans," and Eyelashes in "One Punch Man."

Revali and Deku Tree

Amelia Gotham has worked on a handful of movies and television shows, and she flexes her voice acting muscles as the adorable champion Mipha in "Breath of the Wild." Gotham herself looks just as charming and beautiful as the character she portrays and seems kind to boot.


Bill Rogers has been a staple of the anime and video game voice acting scene since the 1990s, so it only makes sense that he lends his stern, deep voice to King Rhoam in "Breath of the Wild." On Twitter, fans can find Rogers flashing his warm smile and frequently talking about one of his favorite sports, hockey.

King Rhoam