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"Young Sheldon" — a spin-off of CBS' hit "The Big Bang Theory" — serves as an origin story for Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) as told by his older counterpart (Jim Parsons). Since "Young Sheldon" prioritizes the development of a lead character, it's no surprise that Jon Favreau was brought on board to direct.
“Iron Man” helmer Favreau directed the pilot episode of “Young Sheldon.” Given the director’s sensibilities, Favreau has a particular eye for allowing audiences to empathize with unconventional protagonists — and looking closely at the episode he directed, it's fair to suggest that "Young Sheldon" succeeded from the get-go.
Favreau was heavily praised for his reserved direction and for illustrating the spin-off as a dramedy rather than a traditional multi-camera, laughs-per-minute-focused sitcom, as he beautifully introduced the audience to the young Sheldon Cooper. The filmmaker also executive produced the pilot alongside Jim Parsons.