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"Young Sheldon," the popular spin-off of "The Big Bang Theory" features many beloved characters played by a recognizable line-up of actors. In fact, one of these actors is a notable "American Horror Story" alum.
Frances Conroy was featured briefly in Season 1, Episode 10 where she played the role of Dr. Flora Douglas who opened her home to Sheldon while he attended her school for gifted children. Sheldon's mom had second thoughts about her son staying with Douglas, even imagining her as an evil monster.
Coincidentally, Conroy has portrayed a number of monster-like beings in FX's "American Horror Story." Since 2011, Conroy has appeared in more than 50 episodes of the show, playing everyone from best-selling erotica author Belle Noir to the Head of the Witches' Council Myrtle Snow and Murder House housekeeper Moira O'Hara.