The Yennefer Scene In The Witcher Season 2 That Went Too Far


Arguably, the most compelling character on “The Witcher” is Yennefer of Vengerberg, who goes from serious hardship and cruelty to acquiring life-changing magical powers. In Season 2, she is once again put in a place where she has to regain her powers, and it leads to a scene that even her most loyal fans are questioning.

The scene in question happens in the second episode of Season 2, "Kaer Morhen," where Yennefer summons the Deathless Mother, who promises to return her powers in exchange for a young girl whom she doesn't recognize. Yennefer reluctantly agrees and comes upon her target — Geralt’s adoptive daughter, Ciri.

Even though Yennefer’s shocking turn was brief, it left fans of the show polarized, with one Redditor saying they were disappointed in the strain that Yennefer put on her relationship with Ciri. However, another Redditor said Yennefer’s actions could lay the foundation for a different tone in the relationship between the two.

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