The Yellowstone Cast Confirms Suspicions About Jennifer Landon's Behavior

Ever since Jennifer Landon joined the cast of “Yellowstone” in Season 3 as Teeter, fans have come to love her ranch hand character who is wacky and sometimes difficult to understand. Recently, her castmates have detailed exactly what they think of her.
In a featurette on the official “Yellowstone” YouTube channel, Jefferson White insists that "the Teeter that she brings to life is so much more incredible" than anyone expected before she joined the cast. Cole Hauser called Landon a “ badass" and Kelly Reilly added that Landon "just brings it" every time she steps on set.
Her castmates’ praises of Landon’s dedication to her craft are not surprising to fans. On Twitter, many fans declared they’re “Team Teeter,” and were elated to discover that Teeter would remain employed by the Duttons after an emotionally agonizing cliffhanger.