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The Worst Thing
Pam Beesly Ever
Did On The Office
Whether she's icing out co-workers by excluding them from joining the Finer Things Club, cheating on her fiancé Roy, or letting Meredith take the fall for a lice outbreak, Pam Beesly proves that even nice girls who work at a mid-sized paper company have a dark side. That said, here's the worst thing Pam ever did on "The Office."
In the Season 9 premiere, Jim and Pam reveal that Jim passed on the chance to become a partner in a business that was his idea because it would mean their family would have to relocate to Philadelphia. Jim secretly takes the job anyway, and when he eventually comes clean, Pam tries to act supportive but eventually resents his decision, straining their marriage.
Fans took to Reddit to voice their strong negative reactions to Pam’s behavior with one user stating, "she was being pretty hypocritical by not supporting Jim with his dreams when he always stood by her side and supported her with her art school, and when she quit to go work with Michael back in the day, etc."