The Worst
Season 19
Well into its 19th Season, NCIS is understandably struggling with new storylines to keep the show fresh and exciting for the fans. While Season 19 has already earned the ire of the show's fandom, Episode 9 took the cake for featuring perhaps the worst storyline of the entire season.
The episode titled "Collective Memory" already felt awkward because of the show's attempts to be current by incorporating holograms and cryptocurrency into the case the team investigates. However, the behavior of Special Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) really made this installment worse by belittling the technology around him and mostly coming off as a jerk.
Fans have criticized this heavily, with one claiming that Torres' schtick of dismissing his tech savvy coworkers as nerds and disregarding every piece of tech they come up with is becoming very tiresome. Even if Torres’ judgmental nature is a defense mechanism, his egotistical behavior really brings the episode down.