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The Worst Denzel
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Denzel Washington is one of the most respected actors of his generation, and even though he has had a stellar acting career that has spanned 4 decades, his acting resume isn’t without a few duds. According to IMDb, "Virtuosity," is the worst action thriller Washington has been in.
In the movie, Washington plays Parker Barnes, a cop serving a prison sentence for killing the psychopath who killed his family, alongside Russell Crowe as SID 6.7, an artificially intelligent madman programmed with the personalities of history's most infamous villains. despite the talent of these two stars and the film's undeniably interesting hook, it was something of a box office bomb.
"Virtuosity" has got a great and imaginative concept behind it, but whether it lives up to its premise is open for debate. IMDb users don't think so, as its 5.5/10 rating places it at the bottom of all the action-thrillers Washington has appeared in so far.