The Witcher's Joey Batey Opens Up About His Nightmare On-Set Experience


We first meet the bard Jaskier (Joey Batey) in season 1 of “The Witcher” when he joins forces with Geralt of Rivia, in hopes that their adventures will help him write more captivating music. In the second season, Batey’s acting chops are on full display, but the performance did not come without obstacles.

Batey opened up about one particularly harrowing on-set experience involving a few live mice and his chest hair. The scene saw Jaskier rotting in a dingy medieval jail, befriending and naming the mice that shared his cell.

Batey described how, in the middle of the scene, one of the mice actually became entangled in his chest hair. Though Batey described the whole situation as "a nightmare," he chose to laugh the experience off.

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