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The White Hart
From House Of The
Dragon Episode 3
Means More Than
You Think
Prophecy plays a big part in both "House of the Dragon" and the series reveals that the Targaryen dynasty actually knows of the coming of the Long Night and the Night King. However, Episode 3 features yet another assumed portent from the gods in the form of the arrival of white harts, but what could the stags mean for the future of the series?
Upon arriving at camp, Otto Hightower notes that the white hart used to be the sign of royalty and reiterates that its appearance is a sign from the gods that they surely favor Aegon to rule the realm. Eventually, the king's huntsmen corner a great stag — though not the white one the king was promised.
Later on in the episode, a white hart approaches Princess Rhaenyra and Criston Cole but Rhaenyra urges Criston to let it flee. Considering the two outcomes involving the great stags, one might assume that the gods favor Rhaenyra over Aegon since Viserys' interaction with the animal is bloody and messy, while Rhaenyra's is peaceful and serene.