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For more than 25 years, "South Park" has been a hilarious staple of the adult-animation television genre, consistently pushing boundaries with insensitive characters, offensive remarks, and social commentaries that mirror real-world events. While the show may not be for everyone, die-hard fans are revisiting the series and finding amusing easter eggs and details.
A keen-eyed Reddit user noticed in Season 1, Episode 8, when Marvin returns home to his family, a member of his community is holding a baby that appears to be both Ethiopian and Canadian. This is evident in the specific facial structuring creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone used when drawing Canadians, with two dots for eyes and a simple line for a mouth.
The detail harkens back to "The Terrance and Phillip Show," the Canadian show within a show and the kids’ favorite program, which runs throughout Episode 8 and reminds viewers of the distinct style used for Canadians on "South Park." This primed fans to pick up on a small detail that begs the question: what other easter eggs can be found within the show’s 317 episodes?