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The Walking Dead
Season 11 Episode
That Had Fans
Shaking In Fear
Season 11 will be “The Walking Dead’s” last, but as evidenced by how the final season has panned out, the hit show has no intention of going quietly. Even though the drama is high this season, fans were still caught off-guard by the horror of "The Walking Dead" in this Season 11 episode.
"On the Inside" follows Connie and Virgil as they seek refuge in a seemingly abandoned mansion, which turns out to be home to a group of feral humans who practice cannibalism. According to one Redditor, it's easily the scariest episode of "The Walking Dead" and, therefore, the entirety of Season 11.
As some in the replies pointed out, one of the most unsettling aspects of this episode is that it tells some parts of the story from Connie's perspective. Seeing as she's deaf, that means the audience doesn't hear a thing and is, therefore, woefully unprepared for the frightening imagery and jump scare elements.