The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15 Scene That Left Fans In Tears


THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR The Walking Dead, Season 11 - Episode 15.


The final season of "The Walking Dead" is more than halfway over, and the penultimate episode of Season 11, Part 2, paved the way for an explosive midseason finale. Episode 15 titled, "Truth," is a tense episode all-around, but one moment in the calm before the storm at Hilltop struck a nerve with longtime fans.

Moments before Lance attempts to scare Hershel Rhee into telling the truth about who was involved in the Riverbend incident, the young boy sits by his late father's grave. As fans know, Glenn Rhee was ruthlessly murdered by Negan in Season 7.

Fans unanimously agree that Glenn's death was one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the series, and Hershel is a reminder of how tragic it was. One fan tweeted "I cry every time I see Hershel…," while others pointed out how similar the two are, even down to how they dress.