The Walking Dead Confirms Suspicions About Maggie And Negan


Several new "The Walking Dead" spin-offs have been announced, one of which is a Maggie and Negan-focused series that will take place in Manhattan. The spin-off announcement raised a lot of speculation, and some are wondering if we should even prepare for a Maggie and Negan romance.

However, after the latest episode, titled "The Rotten Core," it seems that romance speculations can be put to rest. In the episode, we learn that Negan now has a second wife, Annie, whom he appears to love very much.

So, with a new wife and a little Negan on the way, it would appear that any hopes or fears of Maggie and Negan embarking on their own romantic journey have been tossed out the window. However, storylines on “The Walking Dead” are always subject to change, as characters can get murdered or devoured at any time.