The Voight Scene Chicago P.D. Fans Think Went Too Far


"Chicago P.D." long-running central character, Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), is fully committed to his ruthless pursuit of justice. Viewers know Voight is willing to bully a suspect, threaten violence, or even resort to torture, but there is one scene that pushed fans too far.

In Episode 3 of the show's third season, Voight brandished an iron poker at a suspect accused of human trafficking. The title of the episode "Actual Physical Violence" says it all, as he sets out to extract the truth from the terrified thug.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that evolving attitudes toward police misconduct have also impacted the way many view the show in its more recent seasons. As a result, more attention is being paid in "Chicago P.D." to which rules are broken and when, and Hank Voight's gung-ho persona seems to have softened — if only around the edges.