The Vampire Diaries Scene Candice King Hated Filming


“The Vampire Diaries” had a lot of ups-and-downs over its eight-season run, but a lot of viewers think the best part was Candice King’s Caroline Forbes. She takes her character from human to vampire and self-loathing to confident, and even though King loved her character, there was one scene in particular she struggled with.

Caroline had many emotional scenes in the hit series, but one of the hardest scenes King had to film came after the death of Caroline's mother, Sheriff Liz Forbes. King has admitted that she doesn’t like crying on screen, because it stresses her out and causes sleepless nights.

She said that crying is "out of her comfort zone," but "The Vampire Diaries" deals with tangible emotions which usually require tears. Fans were devastated when it was time to say goodbye to Liz Forbes, which shows that King must have done something right.

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