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The first entry in the next “Star Wars” trilogy will hit theaters in 2023, which should allow the powers that be some time to think about what the franchise must do to grow. Thankfully, the answer is abundantly clear: the franchise needs to move away from its beloved Skywalkers.
The first six chapters used the same family conflict, and what felt unexpected and poignant in the original films had lost its luster by 2015. At this point, the Skywalkers have already said all they can say about the nature of good and evil.
Introducing a new story thread could disarm toxic fans and give them something new but entirely plausible as canon. It could also earn the franchise a new fan base that doesn't feel such ownership over the Skywalker story.
Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said that the franchise would be taking a brief hiatus to look at some lesser-explored corners and characters. The Skywalkers had a good run, but the universe itself is constantly expanding, as are the galaxies within it, and this should be as true of the galaxy far, far away as it is of any other.