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The Untold Truth
Of Rust Valley
“Rust Valley Restorers” portrays Mike Hall in a way that suggests he struggles to turn a profit, but he owns his own business in the Slope Stabilization industry. Hall is much better at making money than the show suggests, and as of 2021, he’s made about $5 million.
Mike Is Business Savvy
Hall’s first TV appearance was in 2017 when he guest starred in a Canadian series titled “Highway Thru Hell.” His appearance in the show was so memorable it caught the attention of TV producers, which is what eventually landed him his own series about car restoration.
Hall’s TV Appearances
Avery Shoaf owned a heavy equipment rebuilding company called Tappen Business, but unlike Hall, his business struggled to succeed. Shoaf signed onto “Rust Valley Restorers” after Tappen failed and he has a net worth of around $200k.
Avery Shoaf
Auto Body apprentice Cassidy McEown grew up in a family of car fanatics, so she’s had a passion for cars since she was a child. Her upbringing inspired a strong work ethic and she constantly has to prove herself to succeed in a male-dominated industry.
Cassidy McEown
The stars of “Rust Valley Restorers” helped Habitat for Humanity start a new tradition in 2019 by donating a classic car worth $70k to be auctioned off at a charity fundraiser. Rust Bros Restorations has made multiple contributions to the non-profit since its first donation.
Habitat For Humanity