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Parker Schnabel has had plenty of success in the mines which has translated into a great deal of financial success, particularly for someone only in their 20s. While an exact figure isn't known, most estimates place his net worth, as of 2020, to be around $10 million.
Net Worth
When Schnabel was born in 1994, he had a college fund set up in his name, allowing him to attend pretty much any university he landed without financial hardship. However, after his grandfather stepped down from the family business and handed it to Parker, he used that money for college to fund his own mining operation.
Repurposed College Fund
In 2017, Parker Schnabel engaged in a Facebook Live Q&A event and one of the most interesting tidbits came when he was asked what the largest nugget he ever found was. Schnabel responded, "Maybe a quarter ounce? $400-$500."
Largest Nugget
According to an interview Schnabel did, via Inquisitr, he had a falling out with long-time “Gold Rush” cameraman James Levelle. The exact reasoning behind the feud is unknown, but Schnabel claims it was due to a difference in personalities.
Cameraman Beef
When he was asked during the aforementioned Facebook Live Q&A what his favorite memory was, he responded that it was being mentored by his grandfather. That bond is probably even more cherished by him today, considering how he has stated in interviews how difficult it is to maintain friendships and relationships.
Favorite Memory