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Bullet Train

THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the 2022 film "Bullet Train."


Brad Pitt shed light on the script for “Bullet Train” being a source of optimism during the 2020 lockdown. The actor recalled, “I read this script [...] and I said, 'That's the salve we need right now. That's what I want to see.'”
The Script
The crew assembled physical sets for each of the interior train compartments and placed them in front of huge LED screens that provided the view outside the train's windows. The crew went the extra mile, or rather, the extra 231 miles: the distance between Tokyo and Kyoto, to film actual footage from a real train ride between the two cities.
The Set
"Bullet Train" wasn't the first time director David Leitch and Pitt worked together, as Leitch was Pitt's stunt double in “Fight Club.” Their rapport led to Pitt making a cameo in "Deadpool 2," which was helmed by Leitch.
The Director

Benito Martínez Ocasio, aka rapper Bad Bunny, plays the Wolf in "Bullet Train," but before his casting, the character had a different backstory. "I originally saw the Wolf as a more grizzled, older guy. It was old love lost," said Leitch, "Then I met Benito, and the bells just went off.”

Bad Bunny
Brain Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson play brothers code-named Lemon and Tangerine. As an homage to his fictional brother's name, Taylor-Johnson brought a lemon tree to the set. The actors made it their mission to keep the tree alive for the duration of the shoot, which they did, to pay tribute to the ebb and flow of their characters' brotherly relationship.
A Special Symbol