The Two Movies Nicolas Cage Claims Are His Best Performances


As part of the press circuit for his new film "The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent," Nicholas Cage took to Reddit to answer fan questions in an incredibly successful Ask Me Anything (AMA) that received approximately 26,000 comments. One of the questions that was answered by Cage was "What is your favorite character that you've ever portrayed?"

Cage said that his performance in 2021’s “Pig” and Martin Scorsese’s “Bringing Out The Dead” “are arguably my two best movies as a whole." When a Redditor asked him whether he had recently seen his Oscar-winning performance in “Leaving Las Vegas,” he explained that he hadn't seen it recently, but aspires to make films of such a high caliber.

He also said, “I think “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Pig” and “Bringing Out The Dead” are my three favorite performances of my own body of work." It’s clear that Cage has an affinity for playing the gently unhinged and his fans can look forward to more out-of-the-box performances from the eccentric actor.