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The Twilight
Scene That Made
Some Fans
Physically Sick
The "Twilight" franchise is not generally known for its stomach-churning horror, thanks to its emphasis on teen romance with a side of vampire lore. Nevertheless, there is an infamous sequence that received mainstream news attention for its capacity to create physical symptoms in specific viewers.
The scene in question is the birth of Bella and Edward's vampire baby Renesmee which reportedly caused some viewers to have epileptic seizures during the film's original theatrical run. Instances of these epileptic seizures triggered by "Breaking Dawn" became so commonplace that a Facebook page was created to warn viewers of the scene's intensity.
The Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2012, but it gives you a good time capsule of the phenomenon, including disclaimers posted in movie theaters when the film was screening. It's not the same as a horror movie making audiences sick through sheer intensity, but it does technically put the "Twilight" saga into some pretty rarified cinematic company.