The Truth About Why Jimmy Palmer's Wife Died On NCIS


Fans of “NCIS” have had to suffer the loss of several characters over the years, but one recent death has really hit hard. The sweet relationship between medical examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and his wife, Breena (Michelle Pierce), has come to an end, as a recent episode revealed Breena had died.

The episode didn’t show Breena on screen, but Jimmy referenced losing her in the dialogue and mentioned the support the team gave him. Dietzen clarified in an interview that Breena died from COVID-19, which was hinted at throughout the episode, as we saw Jimmy distributing cleaning supplies and struggling to say the virus’ name.

The showrunners wanted to incorporate the devastation brought on by the coronavirus pandemic into the show without having to lose a core character. Additionally, having the most optimistic character suffer the loss will drive the stories of both Jimmy and the team as a whole.

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