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Kane Lim From
Bling Empire
Netflix's reality series "Bling Empire" is filled with extremely rich cast members, but Kane Lim definitely seems to enjoy his lavish lifestyle the most. Even before "Bling Empire" returns for Season 2, Kane's infectious personality is bound to leave viewers wanting to learn a little more about him.
His parents made their fortune through industries like real estate, shipping, and oil so Kane has been well-acquainted with luxury from a young age. As Kevin Kreider noted in the first episode of "Bling Empire," Kane owns many of the fancy shopping malls in Southeast Asia.
By the time Kane arrived in the United States, he had already started a fruitful career as an investor after his dad gave him a "small loan" as a teenager. He currently runs a Los Angeles investment firm — which covers industries like wellness, renewable energy, and real estate — and is reportedly the director of K-ix Capital, another investment business.