The Transformation Of Cote De Pablo From Childhood To NCIS


Cote de Pablo has made a name for herself on television, with her most well-known role being Special Agent Ziva David on the CBS series NCIS. To get there, She pursued the arts through school and beyond, slowly transforming to become the actress people know and love today.

Middle school drama class helped de Pablo with her English speaking, while also pushing her to get over social anxiety. This ignited her passion for music and acting that would soon translate into a career.

De Pablo would go on to attend Carnegie Mellon University, a prestigious college known for its fantastic music theater program. While in college, she participated in many plays, such as And the World Goes 'Round, The Fantasticks, and A Little Night Music.

After college, de Pablo understood that her best move was to relocate to New York City and simply start going to auditions, so she did. She ended up slowly getting parts with the New York City Public Theater, then her first screen appearance in All My Children.

While working on a musical, de Pablo submitted a videotape audition for the role of Special Agent David for a popular series called NCIS. The rest is history as De Pablo’s passion and hard work led her to become the fan favorite she is today, lasting eight seasons on the show.

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