The Transformation Of A.J. Cook From Childhood To Criminal Minds


A.J. Cook is still gracing our televisions daily as FBI media liaison JJ Jareau, thanks to “Criminal Minds’'' seemingly endless syndication. However, Cook was performing long before landing her signature role, as she started dancing at age 5.

It took some cajoling for her to actually try acting, but she finally got her big break as one of the Lisbon sisters in Sofia Coppola's 1999 film “The Virgin Suicides.” The movie launched Coppola’s directing career and also got Cook noticed by Hollywood.

After “The Virgin Suicides,” A.J. Cook starred on the American-Canadian drama “Higher Ground,” which followed a group of at-risk students at a wilderness boarding school. Cook also starred in the ski snobs vs. snowboarding slobs comedy “Out Cold.”

Cook then jumped on board the “Final Destination” horror franchise, starring as vision queen Kimberly Corman in “Final Destination 2.” “Criminal Minds” fans might have a hard time recognizing her in “FD2,” because she sported a brunette look in the movie.

Cook was introduced to the world of crime-solving procedurals when she was cast on the Fox show “Tru Calling.” She played Lindsay Walker, the best friend of main character Tru Davies.

Cook landed the role of Jennifer Jareau on “Criminal Minds” in 2005. Even though starring on a series as long-running as “Criminal Minds” is a massive commitment, it didn’t stop Cook from simultaneously starring in movies like “I’m Reed Fish” and “Night Skies.”

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