The Tom Holland And Anthony Mackie Feud Timeline Explained


Throughout the many press conferences and interviews that the cast of the Marvel Studios movies have given, fans have gotten to enjoy many endearing moments between the stars. One of these is an ongoing feud between Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie.

It started in 2016 during a press junket for “Captain America: Civil War,” when Mackie made a joke about Holland needing “juice breaks” and a “babysitter.” The “digs” between the two continued through 2018, with Holland making a crack about the fact that Spider-Man had his own movie, but Falcon didn’t.

When "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" debuted on Disney+, Mackie remarked that a Falcon film would probably outperform the last Spider-Man outing. Aside from the playful bickering, Mackie and Holland have made it clear that it's all in jest, as Mackie said in a Wired interview, "Tom Holland is my friend. That's why I make fun of him. I love the kid.”

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