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“Bob’s Burgers” and “Adventure Time,” although differing wildly in settings, both share vibrant hand-drawn animation, along with some voice talent that you may have never noticed before. The voices of the "Bob's Burgers" sisters Tina and Louise Belcher make cameos in "Adventure Time" as another pair of siblings: Jake the Dog's kids, TV and Jake Jr.
The rainbow peanut-shaped one with a blond ponytail — Jake Jr. — is voiced by actress Kristen Schaal, who also voices the little bunny-eared, wily Louise. Schaal is only in four episodes of “Adventure Time,” but you may have also heard her as Mabel Pines on “Gravity Falls” and Sarah Lynn on “Bojack Horseman.”
It's not until the episode "Jakesuit" that we hear the round, purple pup named TV speak in the unmistakable drawl and groan of awkward teenager Tina — aka Dan Mintz. In Mintz's four "Adventure Time" episodes, TV is revealed to be a reclusive gamer, prone to complaining and still living at home with his mother, Lady Rainicorn.