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During a recent interview, a fan theory was read to “Stranger Things” cast members Natalia Dyer, Maya Hawke, Joe Keery, and Joseph Quinn that suggested that the entire series is simply an advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign for the core four party members. According to this theory, the series is playing out entirely in the imagination of the adult versions of these characters.
All four cast members were instantly intrigued by the idea. Joseph Quinn suggested that he and the other satellite members of the "Stranger Things" adventure party could have been conjured in the minds of the core four from people peripheral to their lives, as often happens in dreams.
Of course, the vision of a fictional world within another world is also at the core of "The Neverending Story," the noted favorite film of Dustin and Suzie, giving this particular theory an additional level of intrigue. The suggestion also explains how so much of the D&D Dictionary has found its way to Hawkins, including the names and behaviors of several of the group's most menacing threats.