The Stories We Could See Next In The Batman's Sequels


“The Batman” is now showing in theaters, and Matt Reeves’ darker and more epic version of the cape crusader has already earned positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. Rumors are circulating about a sequel, and fans are wondering what the next storyline would be.

One possible storyline would be “The Court of Owls,” a clandestine group of Gotham’s elites who have controlled everything since colonial times. The guardian Talon and the group were highlighted in the New 52 run of DC comics, introducing them as Batman’s enemy.

The Court of Owls

Another possibility would be the story of Hush, real name Thomas Elliott, from the book “Batman: Hush.” The book described Riddler pulling the strings in Hush’s revenge against the Wayne Family, and with him as the main villain in “The Batman” movie, Hush can come in the sequel.


The story of Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, from the arc “Batman: Death In The Family,” is also A possibility. A storyline where Batman’s trusty sidekick Todd dies and comes back to life as Red Hood to exact revenge against Gotham’s criminals.

Jason Todd

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