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The South Park
Episode That Aged
So Poorly The
Writers Had To
While "South Park" has regularly been criticized for going too far, the creators have rarely apologized or backtracked on their creations. Still, there's one episode that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone seemingly felt the need to address in particular.
Parker and Stone regret minimizing climate change in the episode "ManBearPig," which takes the former vice president of the United States, Al Gore, down a peg. Gore tours the country, talking about a fictional monster called ManBearPig, insisting that the creature is real and a threat to us all.
The episode aged poorly, as the evidence for climate change has stacked up over the years. For this reason, the "South Park" creators reversed course by making an episode called "Time to Get Cereal," where ManBearPig is shown to be just as real and dangerous as Gore warned.
Though the episode doesn't contain an outright apology, it does feature characters feeling bad about how they didn't take Gore seriously, and Gore himself has expressed his appreciation for it (as well as enjoying the jokes made at his expense). It’s nice to see Parker and Stone show some contrition regarding the issue, as it’s a pretty good lesson for people of all ages to learn.