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The Sons Of Anarchy Season That Left A Lot Of Fans Filled With Questions
“Sons of Anarchy” is filled with emotional twists and turns, as fans follow Jax Teller and his biker gang of outlaws. Full of violence and deplorable characters but also love and loss, the show’s storylines can be complicated and confusing like in Season 3, when the Sons trek through Ireland in search of Jax’s kidnapped son Abel.
Season 3 had fans scratching their heads and some took to Reddit to express their frustration. One Reddit user said, “I legitimately don't understand most of season 3,” while another wrote, “[I] get that [A]bel was taken because [Cameron] thought [G]emma killed his son. [B]ut now [I'm] so confused as to why they are keeping [the Sons in Ireland.]”
Luckily, other fans figured out what was happening like Reddit user u/doyouhaveanypaper who explained the IRA knew Abel was in Belfast the whole time and lied to the Sons for different reasons — for instance, Priest Kellan Ashby manipulated the Sons for his assassination plot. Thankfully, the season ends on a high note since Jax gets his son Abel back.