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In "The Big Bang Theory," nearly all of the characters have their own unique quirks, however, some of the most peculiar habits belong to Sheldon Cooper. His rhythmic knocking and couch dominance consistently occurred throughout the show’s run, but there's one aspect of Sheldon that majorly changes over the course of three seasons.
In Season 1, Episode 3 it's revealed that Sheldon is allergic to cats when Leonard Hofstadter brings one home. However, three seasons later in the episode titled "The Zazzy Substitution," Sheldon acquires a "clowder" of cats in an attempt to replace his ex-girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler.
This has led many fans to wonder if “TBBT” creators forgot about this detail, or if this drastic shift was intentional. It's possible Sheldon selfishly faked his allergy in Season 1 to prevent Leonard from getting a cat, and it’s also suspicious that his healing song when he’s sick is "Soft Kitty.”