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Earthworm Jim
Creator Doug
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“Earthworm Jim” is a nostalgic classic for many players and features one of the most powerful characters of all time. Yet, its creator, Doug TenNapel, has forced a wedge between himself and most of the gaming community with his personal views and penchant for angrily responding to articles online, like when he publicly misgendered Kotaku writer Heather Alexandra in 2017.
His conservative views might be a turnoff for some fans, but it's his habit of lashing out in public online forums that has alienated many of his former followers. These go from claiming that Trump will still win the 2020 American presidential election to making LGBTQ-phobic or racist remarks.
In addition to his political statements online, TenNapel has few positive things to say about the gaming industry which he still works in. Unfortunately for TenNapel, these comments have led some fans to discontinue supporting his Earthworm Jim Kickstarter projects, and while he might not have earned the same infamous reputation as Phil Fish, he has certainly left a mark.