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Twice At 2019's
The arrival of "Joker" in 2019 deviates from its source material, and Warner Bros. pitched the film as an original story. According to some "Joker" fans online, the film isn't all it proclaims to be and is similar to an episode of "Seinfeld."
Fans on Reddit, note that "Joker" bears a striking similarity to the Season 4 "Seinfeld" episode, "The Opera." In it, a clown loses his temper, reaches his breaking point, and even takes out a group of troublemakers in public, much like Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck.
Director Todd Phillips hasn't hidden what pieces of media inspired his “Joker” origin story. Everything from the "Killing Joke" comic storyline to Martin Scorsese’s "Taxi Driver" influenced the film, so it stands to reason that “Seinfeld” is nothing more than a strange coincidence to this story.