PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 10:  Stand-up comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld performs during Philly Fights Cancer: Round 4 at The Philadelphia Navy Yard on November 10, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)
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There is no denying that the Emmy-winning series "Seinfeld" was a pretty big deal when it was on the air, and the sitcom continues to be popular decades after the series finale aired in 1998. However, Season 4 features a character who has creeped out fans for years — “Crazy” Joe Davola, played by Peter Crombie.
The episode “The Opera” features Davola at his scariest, as the mentally unstable individual stalks the core four, and even temporarily traps Elaine in his apartment. One fan on Reddit called this “too real,” and another said “The Opera” was “the most unnerving sitcom episode I’ve ever seen.”
If fans find Crazy Joe Davola unsettling, they may have difficulty coming to terms with the fact that he was actually based on a real person. Thankfully, the only thing taken from the real-life individual was his name, and all of the crazy antics were just made up for the series.