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The Scrapped Elaine
Story Seinfeld's
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Turning Down
When Louis-Dreyfus was five months pregnant, the show was in the process of filming, and Seinfeld suggested to her that a way to write in her pregnancy for the season would be to make a plotline in which multiple episodes would mention Elaine getting really fat.
At the time, Louis-Dreyfus reacted to this suggestion with strong emotions. On "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," she recalled getting tearful over the suggestion. "And so, what did I do? Burst into tears," Louis-Dreyfus told Seinfeld.
“So there are two things I have to say about that,” Dreyfus continued. “One is you have no interpersonal communication skills. The second thing is, it was a great idea and we should have done it. It would have been a great storyline." While the joke seems cruel at first, the style of the humor and the dynamic between the characters make the series seem like the perfect showcase for it.