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Regrets Filming
Legendary actress Jamie Lee Curtis has always been candid in interviews, even once stating that she certainly wouldn't have been cast in "Halloween" if her mother hadn't been the star of "Psycho." Her brutal honesty also led her to acknowledge the regret she feels for participating in one particular box-office disaster.
Originally based on Chuck Pfarrer's Dark Horse series, the 1999 sci-fi horror film "Virus" was meant to be a big blockbuster like fellow comic book adaptations "Spawn" and "Blade." However, "Virus" turned out to be a giant regret for Curtis as she explained, "That's a piece of s*** movie. It's an unbelievably bad movie; just bad from the bottom."
The actress also knew the film would be awful, but was powerless to do much about it adding, "I just do the best I can." The movie has a measly 12% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the film only made about $30 million worldwide on a $75 million budget, not even recouping half of its costs.