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“The Covenant” by director Renny Harlin tells the story of four warlocks who need to band together to prevent another warlock from destroying their town, Ipswich. There’s an abundance of magic, mystery, and mayhem in this supernatural horror, which boasts a large and dedicated fanbase, as well as a promising young cast.
The Covenant
2014’s “Deliver Us From Evil” follows a cop who joins a priest to fight an outbreak of demonic possessions taking place across New York. The film combines all the scary elements of possession horror and infuses it with crime drama into a well-crafted and compelling feature that merits multiple viewings.
Deliver Us From Evil
This blood-sucking film centers on two vampiric creatures, Charles and Mary, who are the last of their kind and need to feed on the life force of female virgins to survive. If anyone has ever read a King novel, they’ll understand his lust for the macabre and desire to unnerve at any turn with this different kind of evening viewing.
Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers
Paul Verhoeven’s “Hollow Man” revolves around a scientist named Sebastian Caine, played by Kevin Bacon, who takes a serum that makes him invisible. The film uses revolutionary special effects for the year 2000, as Caine gets stuck in the unseen state and uses his invisibility to commit atrocious crimes.
Hollow Man
Blake Lively, in “The Shallows,” plays a surfer, who gets stranded out at sea with a great white shark that seems hungrier than usual. The film captures the fear of stepping into the water with one of nature’s greatest predators, but also the dread of isolation and having no one else around to assist.
The Shallows