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Throughout Season 5 of “Supernatural,” the angel Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) pushes Dean  (Jensen Ackles) to consent to Michael (Jake Abel) possessing his body in hopes of stopping Lucifer before he can manifest on Earth. One user online theorized that Zachariah's actions include one particular manipulation that significantly recolors a Season 5 episode. 
User FictionalCharacters2 started a thread on the official subreddit that suggests after Sam and Dean die and end up in the afterlife, Zachariah manipulates Sam's conception of heaven to push Dean toward saying "yes" to Michael. Sam's heaven consists mainly of memories in which Dean and their father are absent, which leads to conflict with Dean and influences his desire to consent to Michael's possession.
The thread includes a screenshot of a Tumblr user claiming that Jared Padalecki confirmed this theory, and in an interview, Fuller described Zachariah as someone who "seemed extremely ambitious and would do anything to get ahead." Should this theory be true, the overall scope of Zachariah's villainy deepens.