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The Sam Scene In
That Went
Too Far
The dynamic between Dean and Sam Winchester kept "Supernatural" going for 15 seasons. However, there was one specific storyline where the younger brother made a mistake that not only almost ruined Winchester brother’s relationship but also put the whole world at risk.
Fans agree that one of Sam's biggest missteps was killing Lilith in the penultimate episode of Season 4 titled "When The Levee Breaks." As one Redditor explained on a "Supernatural" subreddit, “Everyone told him it's wrong, HE knows it's wrong and he keeps lying to everyone so he can be the one to kill Lilith.”
According to Ranker writer Saim Cheeda, "He doesn't listen and ends up taking Lilith's life, which turns out to be the last seal to be broken in order to release Lucifer from Hell. In effect, Sam's insistence to do what he wants leads to the Devil waking on Earth and causing thousands of people to perish.”