The Roy Theory That Changes Everything On The Office


On the iconic NBC sitcom “The Office,” Roy was by no means the perfect boyfriend or fiance to Pam, but at least he never cheated on her, right? Well, there’s one Reddit fan theory that has offered up some pretty compelling evidence that Roy cheated on Pam with Angela.

Angela never had a problem with infidelity seeing as how she had an affair with Dwight Schrute while she was with Andy and the Senator. In Season 2’s “The Fire” there definitely does seem to be something between Roy and Angela when Roy outright says he would have sex with her during a friendly game in the parking lot.

The fan theory also points out that during the finale of Season 2 the two share subtle flirty glances with each other as Michael says “Old friends! New lovers.” Finally, during a webisode for "The Office" centering on the accountants, Angela practically admits to a crush on Roy.