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Season 5
Season 4 of "The Rookie" ends with an intense moment for John Nolan that sees him engaged in a shoot-out with a gang after he and a trainee arrest one of the gang's members. Now that Season 5 of "The Rookie" has kicked off, viewers can see how John Nolan will be rewarded for his endeavors in the previous season.
In an interview, showrunner Alexi Hawley spoke about what is on the horizon for Nolan, and he specifically mentioned that the focus of the show is to highlight that the only way to change police officers is to change the system from within. Hawley was then asked what kind of training officer Nolan will be.
He answered, "I do think that Nolan at heart is an empathetic person — he's a listener, he's a question-asker — so I don't think anybody would believe him as a hard-ass like Tim [Bradford]. But there is this line of being too nice or too willing to give the benefit of a doubt on a job when s*** can come out of nowhere and turn everything upside-down."